About Us



Nor Projects follows to the controlled and efficient production approach, which guarantees premium-grade quality and stability of timing for all projects irrespective from the diversity and complexity of the project’s nature.
We offer full range of services to our partners in end to end projects as well as fit-out and design works.
The company has built trust and confidence in Russian, CIS, Middle East and EU markets, by completion of high quality works for many well-known companies.
We possess a wealth of experience particularly in production of furniture and equipment for stores, cafes and restaurants.
Each project is assigned to a dedicated team of experienced managers, engineers, designers and craftsmen who ensure your solution is produced and delivered on-time and on-budget.
Internal quality standards are constantly improving by using innovative and environmentally friendly technologies which make a positive impact on quality of our products, as well as on timing of production processes.
Responsible approach and operational experience allows us to provide a stable, high performing and record-breaking speed of production with ensuring a high-grade quality of projects.
Customer-oriented and intelligently responsible approach, impulsion to meet the most demanding expectations at the highest level, stability and business transparency, fast processing, highly competitive prices and premium-grade quality of products are the main competitive advantages and philosophy of Nor Projects.



The group

A big team of 850 employees more than 300 partners from more than 25 countries.
The group owns 56 retail stores, a big distribution network of stationary, perfumery and construction materials, 2 branches of production.
Our group was founded in 1991 with the initiative of 4 young brothers with the first opening of a small shop in the open market. Within these years due to the enthusiastic, professional and hardworking team, our group became one of the strongest companies in our region.
In 1997 the 1st luxury store of Mary perfume has been launched. The business was rather
successful in the market of perfume and cosmetics, and in 1998 the company started exclusive
cooperation with L’oreal Paris and many other famous brands in Armenia. The mass distribution net was launched in all over Armenian cities.
In 2002 “Nor Tun” (New House) project was established; the wholesale distribution net of
construction and renovation materials were launched in all over Armenian cities, meanwhile retail branch was developed with 22 (16 Nor Tun, 6 wholesale branches) stores (700-6000 sq.m)
within 9 years.
At the same time “Mary Perfume” was also developed with 5 stores in Yerevan and it distributed international brands of perfume and cosmetics to the
main cities of Armenia.
In 2007 the company developed its own brand “Kaldo” (construction and renovation materials,
tubes), the production of which was realized in Armenia and China. The market recognition was
in its highest and the brand became a market leader in its field. The company started an export of produced materials to the post-USSR countries.
Later the company, in addition to the luxury perfume and cosmetics stores, also launched
perfume and cosmetics stores in the mass market and within 8 years 15 “Arome” and “Eva” stores were opened.
In 2009 the company developed a new business vision of furniture production which’s target was to construct/furnish    retail stores, cafeterias, restaurants, etc. Thus, “Nor Projects” was founded.
In 2013 the company started a new business of franchising, and within 5 years opened 14 stores
(Carpisa and Geox) in Armenia, Georgia and Russia.
In 2015 the company launched a new business of eco-cleaning, which is equipped with the
modern technologies and serves as a top/lux quality eco-cleaning.

Nor Projects

Nor Projects, being equipped with modern technologies, annually produces more than 70.000 SQFT furniture and within the last years has already constructed more than 500.000 SQFT furniture.
Nor Projects constructs furniture for international/local brands/retailers, hotels, cafes and restaurants, medical centers, construction of separate stands, etc.
Company uses modern productive technologies and follows the new international technological advancements in order to get high quality products and to reach customers’ ultimate satisfaction. Our production has long lifetime and fast processing time due to contemporary techniques.



  • Premium-grade Quality
  • Warranty
  • Competitive price
  • Installation is free of charge
  • Fast production, delivery and installation
  • Free customs zone with Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. (no need for customs clearance in these countries). In the EU and in most countries there is no customs duty for this type of goods
  • Individual approach to each partner and every project
  • Modern productive technologies, multifunctional equipment and innovative industrial machines and gadgets
  • Environmentally friendly production